Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's Day.....Missionary style!

It's April Fool's Day, and it looks as if 'mother nature' has played a trick on us! Poland is covered with snow....everywhere. 
It's P-day AND a holiday so everything is closed....everything! How do missionaries keep themselves busy on Holiday P-day? Doing a little service. We looked out the Mission Home window, and our two great Assistants, Elder Mikolyski and Elder Tiner, were doing just that.
We would have loved to have everyone over to the Mission Home for a BBQ....
...but the backyard looked like this!   We thought we need to do something with our missionaries, lets go find them.   We just need to have a "BBQ" (grill).
We figured that the Wolska chapel might be a place where we would find a lot of our great missionaries...there was plenty of snow from last night and more in forecast. we brought 'the BBQ' to them....McDonald's style! (Yes, McDonald's ARE about the only place open on most Polish holidays.)  Godfrey had been at the mission home so we brought him with us to help organize.
Everyone had gathered here for a little basketball and visiting...and they weren't opposed to a little eating! (LtoR): Elders Van Bakel, Wilson, Register, Walter, Boyce, Raines, Tiner, Garfield, Manwill and Mikolyski.
                                            It was an 'all-you-can-eat' McDonald's buffet! The workers at McDonlds were used to this kind of an order.  They were not busy so we made their day also.
After eating plenty, a little exercise was in order....So, outside they went... start a snowman.
These Elders opted out to help Godfrey with snow cleanup on the property around the church. (Godfrey, Elders Garfield, Register and Walter)
Meanwhile, the snowman was coming along nicely. Sister Young cheers on the Elders and Sister Lenhart as they try to lift 'the body' of the snowman.
President Nielson (who always has advice) had a few suggestions!  The middle part of the body was too heavy.
So they started to 'shave' away some of the weight so they could lift it. luck. Elder Gibby is trying his hardest but the giant snowball is just too much for this group.
More shaving.....   Still no luck.  Then someone came up with a brilliant idea....
...."Let's build a ramp and roll the giant snowball in place!"
Backing it up to give it a running start..............
......up it went with everyone's help!
Meanwhile, our 3 helpers are diligently at work clearing the parking lot.
A few meters away....The snowman builders had made a head that was easily hefted into place.
Making sure it didn't tip off was the main problem now. With the head securely in place, was time to decorate the snowman. Of course, he is a missionary. It was hard to decide whose name tag he would wear, so we compromised!
The finishing touches needed a ladder, but no one knew where one was. Elder Van Bakel had to do as he lifted his companion, Elder Raines up high enough to 'situate' the face.
There you have it. Starzy Snieg (Elder Snow). He is a 'giant' of a missionary, always ready to proclaim the gospel to anyone who passes by.  (You can see how tall he is when you compare him to President Nielson.) Notice the Ksiega Mormona in his left hand. Great job, missionaries! (Sisters Young and Lenhart; Elders Van Bakel, Manwill, Mikolyski, Boyce, Raines, Wilson, Gibby, Vernon and Tiner.) 
And what about out 3 great workers......
They are still at it.....making their way through the park in front of the chapel. Thank YOU, Elders Garfield, Walter and Register for helping Godfrey and doing such a great job in making the grounds easier to walk through. It was a great P-Day. It is always fun to spend time with our wonderful Missionaries. We love them all!

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