Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Sieberts come to visit. 5 April 2013

We had a real treat Friday night as one of our great former missionaries came to see us.  The former Elder Siebert has been in Poland all week with his family.  His father, mother, sister (who is reporting to the Preston MTC in 11 days and will be serving in the German Alpine Mission), and brother joined him. It was such a joy to visit with them.  Sister Siebert and I have a close common friend in Sister Clayton from Las Vegas.  The Clayton's and the Siebert's were close friends when the Clayton's lived in Germany years ago.  What a small world...
We had fun talking with his family about where he served and how great a missionary he was.  They brought us a wonderful gift that we know our grandchildren will have hours of fun watching-  a cuckoo clock from Germany.  Isn't that great?
There was one tie that had some special meaning which Elder Siebert was quickly able to find.
We love this great man.  He served exceptionally well while in Poland and continues to be a great missionary at home in Germany.  We wish him and his family the best. It was a wonderful evening spent together.

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