Wednesday, April 24, 2013

District Meeting and Missionary Work

In District Meetings throughout the Mission today, we taught "Revelation through Church Attendance".  This is one of the Eight lessons on Becoming a More Effective Teacher.
Role Playing is an important part of all District Meetings.  Role Playing is always in Polish so our missionaries learn better use of this wonderful language.  If we want investigators to better understand the Gospel, we need to preach and speak better so they can understand.   Elders Tiner and Mikolyski practice teaching their investigator (Elder Van Bakel) the need for attending Sacrament Meeting each week.
 Elders Register and Bokinsky likewise are teaching their investigator (Elder Wilson) the importance of coming to Sacrament Meeting with a question and then listening to the spirit to receive the answer.
 Sisters Young and Lenhart are teaching their investigator (Elder Bokinsky) the reason why attendance in Sacrament Meeting will change your life.
And Elders Wilson and Van Bakel are teaching their investigator (Elder Mikolyski) what you will feel as you partake of the Sacrament and make covenants with the Lord. It was a great District Meeting.
Coming home, we found THIS in front of the Mission Home....
 I am not sure how the City of Warsaw knows, but they have a keen sense of timing when it comes to transfer weeks and having to tear up the road! The only thing we can hope for... that they will be able to finish before next week.  The workmen started last week at the other end of the street and are now in front of us.  At the pace they are going, they should be completed by next Tuesday-   Arrival day for 4 NEW Elders and 6 NEW Sisters from the Provo MTC!
Don't get me wrong...we NEED a new street. However, this project was started last November but because of the snow, was left undone all winter long.  We had a real mess in front of the Mission Home, especially on rainy days as the water would collect and form a "lake".
The 6+ workers are doing their best putting this 'puzzle' of a street back together. How do you make someone work faster? 
Reward them with juice and cookies (and the gospel).  And that's just what we did! We did missionary work as we handed out pass-along cards telling them about the Book of Mormon. The workmen were surprised by the refreshments but enjoyed them.  We had a captive audience to tell them what we were doing in Poland.  Hey, you talk to everyone.  You never know what will happen.

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