Thursday, June 9, 2011

Specialized Training Mission Wide June 7-9, 2011

This week started out in Katowice. It was Specialized Training week where the instruction from the Zone Leader Council will go out to the District Leaders via the Zone Leaders. The highways in Poland are all torn up, especially Highway 8. So President and the assistants (Elders Eastman and Garrett) took the EIC train to Katowice. Not too bad, in their own cabin, watching President Utchdorf from the April General Conference on an iPad. (good thing they enjoyed the iPad while they had it- you will find out...)
The training started with Elders Hillyard and Dabrowski instructing and Elders Sorn, Tribe, Garrett, Eastman and Davis listening and participating.

These two great Elders get it. They really understand the messages from Elders Teixeira and Kopischke. Added with Preach My Gospel and Short Bold Statements of Truth, great results are happening in our mission.
Outside the Katowice chapel on their way for a lunch break. Yes it was another "warm" day in Katowice.
While all of this was going on, Elders Jensen and Bode were heading out on the streets for contacting and getting the work done. They returned from a successful afternoon of proselyting.

At the end of every meeting, the mail and packages are passed out along with the latest issues of the Liahona and the Dobra Strona. Thanks Elders Davis, Sorn, Dabrowski, Hillyard, Garrett, Eastman and Tribe.
The next morning they drove to Bydgoszcz and along the way found this wonder for sale. I am sure it is still available if you are looking for a bargain. From what the Assistants told me, it is a cross between a giant wave runner, a one man boat or modified Jaredite barge.
In Bydgoszcz, a winner of a lunch has become the mini pizzas. Here Elders Buckner, Eastman, Torke, Siebert, Garrett, Nielson and Kalinowski enjoy themselves after the morning training.

The German trio of Elders Siebert, Torke and Fritzsch always love getting together for a visit. The companionship of Torke and Fritzsch is doing great in Poznan. Elder Siebert (the District Leader) is doing great in Gdansk.

Elders Kalinowski (District Leader in Bydgoszcz)and Fletcher are finding people in Bydgoszcz. Elder Fletcher is one of the great young missonaries in our mission. He is as hard a worker as we have.

During the training we had two great visitors. Brothers Isaac and Jarosz helped the Elders with Polish and just had a great laugh.

Brat Isaac is the Branch President in Bydgoszcz and Brat Jarosz was helping with one of the apartments as he then headed on to Gdansk.

On the return trip home, another interesting truck was ahead. You may need to zoom in and read what is written on this tanker- For Foodstuffs Only. Please tell me what Foodstuffs is???

Or perhaps I don't need to know....
On the third day, in Warsaw, they started out with training and then held a baptism later in the afternoon. Here Elders Augustyn, Garrett, Eastman, Kennedy, Vreeken, Lundin and Curtis are prepared for a wonderful day.
Elders Eastman was the investigator, while Elders Garrett and Augustyn were the missionaries in role play.
Then it was Elders Vreeken and Lundin (District Leaders in Warsaw l and ll) turn in teaching Elders Kennedy and Curtis (the Zone Leaders of the Warsaw Zone).

Lunch time. Sister Briggs joined us from the Family History Center with Elders Eastman, Kennedy, Curtis, Lundin, Vreeken, Garrett and Augustyn. (this is President Nielson writing, and Sister Nielson did not want me to post this- I had to sneak on- Sister Nielson had pneumonia for the past week and was finally able to come join us and she brought lunch for the meeting. She gives her all to this calling. I am grateful she is getting back to normal, I have missed her!!!)

While all of this was going on, Elders Rogers and Hooker went out contacting. These two young missionaries are outstanding with the language and missionary skills.

They couldn't wait any longer and off they went. It was a very busy week with travel and training but it was a great week. I love this mission, I love our missionaries.

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