Friday, June 3, 2011

The Harbers have been re-assigned!

Siostra Harber and I have to pose this one last time. The Harbers were reassigned by the Missionary Department and departed early this morning. They had completed their assignment in Poland, and the Lord needed them in another part of His vineyard. We will see these dear friends again in our home ward in Las Vegas, the Palmyra Ward, and talk of all the great memories and events.
But before they departed, we needed to get a piece of them to stay with us. Sister Harber leaves a piece of a favorite scarf...

Elder Harber, who was a great branch president in Lodz, will leave a favorite tie behind.

They both did a marvelous work and accomplished so much in their time in Lodz. We know they will again serve faithfully and valiantly in their new assignments.

They are finally ready to go through security, after visiting three different counters for miscellanous baggage fees and checks. We drove away leaving our friends to head on to their next assignment. Little did we know that security had called them back because of something they found in a carry-on bag. We were driving home when Elder Harber called us back to collect an item that his father had given him and security was going to confiscate it. So we collected it and will bring it home in July of 2013. Elder Harber...we have you covered! You will be missed!

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