Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Southern Poland....Interview Trip!

Well, we re-grouped on Monday and then we were back on the road....but this time by train and with our great Assistants, Elders Garrett and Eastman!
Katowice was our destination. President has said he is not driving to Katowice again until all the road construction is finished which means we might be riding a few trains!
Getting into Katowice, we take a short walk to the chapel. Downside of riding the is difficult taking supplies to the missionaries.
As President starts his interviews, District Meetings are taking place.
Elder Davis, the District Leader in the Krakow District teaches Revelation through Church Attendance. The importance of feeling the spirit in Sacrament Meeting was emphasized.
Elders Hancock and Davis role-play what they have just learned.
The Krakow District: Elders Hinckley, Hancock, Davis and Bode.
In another room, Elder Sorn, the District Leader of the Katowice District is teaching the same lesson, only to his district. This was an interview trip so both Districts were in attendance, but each District met separately.
Role-play is an important part of every District Meeting. It helps the Missionaries develop better ways and methods of teaching the gospel. Something may seem difficult until you understand how to do it. Pictured above: Sisters Austin, Allen, and Mann. Sister Austin is the investigator and Sisters Allen and Mann explain what the scriptures say about attending Church.
Sister Mann is now the investigator, with Elders Sorn and Jensen teaching.
The Missionaries of the Katowice District: (Standing) Elders Sorn, Dabrowski, Jensen, and Hillyard. (Sitting): Sisters Austin, Allen, and Mann. Transfers are in one week. There may be some changes in this District.
With District Meeting's time for a little DeGrasso's Pizza! Then...

Elders Hillyard, Garrett, Bode, Sorn and Jensen.
With interviews over, it's time to race back to the station to make our train.
The Katowice Zone Leaders, Elders Dabrowski and Hillyard were worried about us getting on the right train, so we had a 'personal escort'. (The Assistants had gone on to Krakow for a two day exchange so we were on our own!) The Katowice train station is undergoing remodeling and it can be confusing.

We made our train, but it was late and very crowded. We got the last two seats that were together. It so happened that couple sitting across from us were from Chicago. We had a nice three hour conversation about everything- including the Church and what we believe in. Funny how things just seem to always work out. We made it ......with only one small hiccup!
As we were boarding the train, Elder Jensen and Elder Sorn came running to our platform. They had found Elder Eastman's bag in the chapel that he had left by mistake! He was off on an exchange with literally the 'clothes on his back'! We had left at this morning at 6:30 am, and made it back to Warsaw about 8 pm. It was a long but very productive day! Interviews are always great and to see how all the missionaries are doing. I love this Church and these missionaries!!!

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