Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday is ALWAYS a great day when there is a Baptism!

Katowice welcomed another new member into their Branch today.

Rafal was first introduced to the church by attending the Advanced English Class held in the Katowice chapel on Thursday night. As his interest grew, he met with missionaries and accepted the invitation to 'follow the example of Jesus Christ' and be baptized. (L to R): Elder Jensen, Rafal, Elder Sorn.

President Krzykawski, Katowice Branch President, welcoming Rafal into the Branch. He will be a great asset to this growing Branch. This church is for everyone who is looking for the truth. I am grateful that I belong to it. Yes, I'm going to say it........I love this church!

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  1. Ethan (aka Elder Kennedy) was so happy about this baptism! It's good to see happiness everywhere.


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