Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Senior Couple Arrives!!!!

It is always a GREAT day in the mission field when you get a new Senior Couple and today we were really blessed. A couple from McCammon, Idaho has come to fill the spot as CES Coordinators in Poland.
Sister Simons has arrived is her husband, Elder Simons!

Not only will they serve as the CES Coordinators for Poland but they will also be in charge of the Single Adult Program in Warsaw I and hold a calling in the Warsaw I Branch.

Sunday, we took them to the Wolska Chapel (Warsaw I Branch) where they started to meet the great members who attend there.  Elder and Sister Simon....we welcome you to Poland to serve along side all our other wonderful Senior Missionaries.

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  1. Dear President and Sister Nielson--I've been wondering since I heard you were in Poland if my cousins had been sent to your mission. Floyd Simons and I are first cousins. His dad and my dad are brothers. I'm so happy to know they will be working with you both. Many blessings and good luck on your work. We are in Provo and all our girls are living in the area now. Bruce has been sick for two years and has been unable to work. Life is always challenging. We have five grandkids now. They are pure joy. Maren was married two years ago and just had a baby boy about four months ago. Love, Lynda (Simons) Ogden


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