Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interview trip...Day 4...the Last Day!

Day 4...Sunday...our final day of interviews of the Northern part of Poland. We reunite with the faithful members of the Bialystok Branch.
Standing (L to R): Krzystof, Zoja, Patrycja, Elder Smith, Robert, President Libert, and Elder Waits. Sitting (L to R): Angelika, Ella, Grzegosz, Karolina.

Elders Waits and Smith with thier investigator, Patrycja, and Krzystof---a member of the Branch that helps with lessons.
Following Sunday meetings, the Elders had a great lesson with Patyicja. She is a wonderful young lady who is gaining a testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ. What happens to a person when the spirit touches their heart and tells them that these things are true is wonderful to see.

After visiting with the great members in Bialystok, we headed to the Elders apartment to inspect and see how things looked. The apartment was spotless. Their mothers would be proud of them. Things were in order, changes had been made to make it their home and not an assigned place to stay. Well done Elders Smith and Waits!

As we headed back to Warsaw after 4 days on the road (we traveled about 1200 KM or 775 miles), we realized this has been a 4 day National Holiday and the roads into Warsaw would probably be crowded. Along the way, it's summertime and the people are out selling berries. They stack jars in groups for miles along the way. We hardly ever see anyone stop and buy anything. Especially today, if you stopped and got out of line, it would take you forever to get back into the flow of traffic!

Another interesting Polish bridge. About 70 km outside of Warsaw the traffic stopped. It took an hour and a half to travel the next 40 miles. It was a great trip. Interviews with 23 missionaries, great visits with members, temple recommends, investigator lessons, good visits with branch leaders, sacrament meeting talks, Sunday School lesson and just a wonderful time with the missionaries and especially with my companion. We love Poland, there is so much history here. This region of the country from 1795 to 1918 was governed by Russia. In 1918 it was Poland. In 1941 it was Germany. In 1944 it was under Communist rule. Finally, in 1989 it regained it's freedom as Poland. What a great country.

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