Tuesday, June 21, 2011

District Meeting with the Warsaw I District

We left for the Wolska Chapel early Tuesday morning for District Meeting with the Warsaw I District. Finding ourselves behind this truck, President almost wrecked the car getting close enough to see the details. This is the first of its kind that we have seen. Competition in Poland! For those of you who don't know, President Nielson has a shutter company in America (and a great partner, employees, and sons who are taking very good care of it while he is away!) He got so excited, I had to take a picture.
Now, back to the District Meeting....
The Warsaw I District: (L to R) Sister Briggs, Elders Rogers, Vreeken, Curtis and Kennedy, Sisters Ellis and Stay, and our newest missionaries....Sister and Elder Simons.
Playing the opening hymn requires teamwork.....and these missionaries know how to work together! Elder Rogers plays while Elder Vreeken holds the plug in and leads the music. (I vote for a new electric piano in the Relief Society room!)
Elder Vreeken, the District Leader, gave a great lesson on Revelation Through the Book of Mormon.

After a great lesson and discussion on how to implement what we learned, it was time for some Role Play! Elders Vreeken anad Rogers 'teaching' Sisters Stay and Ellis the importance of reading out of the Book of Mormon. Committing the investigators to read and it should start with the Introduction page .
One last picture taken before it's time to 'invite others to come unto Christ'. (Standing in front of the sign at the Wolska Chapel.) This is a great group of missionaries. They are obeying all the guidelines, listening to the Spirit and to finding those that are seeking the truth in Warsaw.
Now....on the way home, we came across this advertizing wonder!
Yes, that box is REALLY sitting on top of that small car. It may look silly, but it did it's job. IT GOT OUR ATTENTION! The box on top is larger than the car- not just from this angel, the width, but the length says the same message and is longer than the car... I love this country and the people who live here!

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