Friday, June 17, 2011

Poland Warsaw Mission- Another great Senior Couple departs.......

I am hurrying to get dinner ready for, what do you do when your great Assistants drop by....STARVING! 'Begging' them to stay, I fix some fast peanut butter (Chunky!) and jelly sandwiches! The table was already set for tonight; but being resourceful, they pulled a couple of chairs up to the counter! We love these Elders. They are a huge support to us in everything....AND they STILL have time to teach and baptize! Back to the night's activities...Tonight we said "Good-bye" to Elder and Sister Harding.......
Sister Harding wanted to leave a piece of a favorite jacket that she had worn countless times in the mission field.
Elder Harding decided to leave his "President Monson" tie....he has another one just like it!
This great couple, Elder and Sister Harding, have served endlessly here in Warsaw as the Warsaw II Branch President and wife. They are loved by missionaries and members alike and will truly be missed by all!
The Richards (the new Warsaw II Branch President AND Office Couple!) and Sister Briggs (Family History Center) came for dinner and a good-bye testimony meeting.

We are now in 'Holiday Season' here in Warsaw....So, we got up 'extra' early...

It didn't matter, the lines were long. The Hardings and Elder Lapot waited and waited and finally made it to the counter. The extra luggage cost them, and you can't pay at the ticket counter. You need to go to another line and pay there.
We love the Hardings and will always be grateful for their support and sustaining us in our calling. We thank you for all you have done to make the Poland Warsaw Mission grow and be stronger.

When we walk away from saying "goodbye" to our departing missionaries it is a lonely you are saying goodbye to family. President and I have this tradition that we stop in a certain place in the airport, and we remind each other how blessed we are to be in Poland and to have each other. Then it's back to reality, get back home and start the day.

This is President Nielson's best friend...the parking ticket machine at the airport. It always works for him. It does what he asks. It never complains. It is fast and efficient, helps with exactly what he needs. It is always awake at 6:30am (even before) and just works when called upon.

This is his 'next' best friend...the ticket machine that lets you out after you show you have paid. There would be a tie for 'Best Friend', but this machine didn't work one time. Even though the ticket showed 'paid', the machine would not let President out. So this became his 'next' best friend. President tells me it is a sad state when two of his best friends are machines and don't even speak English. Mission President can be a lonely job!

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