Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wolska Chapel- 20th Anniversary of the Dedication

On the 22nd of June, 1991- the Wolska Chapel was dedicated by Elder Russell M. Nelson. In honor of that great day, the Church in Poland held a celebration on June 18, 2011. It was a wonderful day and a day to reflect on the great blessings that have come from the Lord.
The day started out early with Institute and Seminary Graduation. Receiving the Certificates of Attendance from Institute are Marta, Kasia (who graduated!) Dominik plus Kamila and Solongo (not shown).
Receiving their certificates of graduation from Seminary are Maja and Agnieszka with their instructors, President Zelewski and Karina.
With Seminary and Institute Graduation behind us, we had some time to 'play' before people started to arrive for the Dedication Commemoration.
Maciey and I played a little badminton....before the 'birdie' got hit up on the roof of the building!
Then we just started 'posing' with the rackets! Kasia, Marta, Nasa playing with Dougie and Asia.

Soon the people started to arrive..
The Hapgoods are still with us and anyday they plan on moving back to England. Sister Hapgood recently hurt her hand and is recovering nicely. We are glad they are still here but know they are anxious to move and get settled again.

More members start to arrive. Sara and Brat Jarosz along with Michael Isaac (who was receiving a special award for countless years of managing the Wolska Chapel), Siostra Kulinicz and Anja.

While people were arriving, missionaries and members were out back preparing for the 'Grill' that was to take place after the meeting. We have a beautiful lawn by the Chapel for such occasions.

Piotr is helping with capturing the events and memories. This good brother is our District Clerk and is always a helping hand.

President Zielonka, the Branch President in Warsaw I, was making sure that everything looked good and was set up properly. He is a huge help in all the events and in making the Warsaw I Branch a solid unit.

Godfrey has one more thing to do before we start. The front door needed a quick repair, and he is the one who can get it done. The lawns outside looked perfect all because Godfrey does such a great job.

The members arrive with investigators. Here Sisters Stay and Ellis are with Anna, a recent convert, Karina a faithful member and this good investigator.
The Neto's from Warsaw II along with Urszula (middle), who organized this great event. There was so much to do and plan for. These are three of the great members of the Church in Poland.
The Lewis', who now live in Gdansk because of work, came down for this great celebration.
Speakers for the occasion: (L to R): Filip--read the dedicatory prayers given by President Kimball (1971)and Elder Nelson (1991); Teresa spoke on the Family History aspect of the Church; Anja spoke on the importance of the family in our church; Brother Jarosz spoke on the 3-fold mission of the church: Proclaim the Gospel, Redeem the Dead, and Perfect the Saints. Our own Elder Eastman (far left) spoke about the missionaries in Poland, their purpose and the message they are bringing to the people of this great land. As he was speaking each of our 14 missionaries serving in the Warsaw area were standing behind him. (They were an impressive group!) When Elder Eastman concluded, the entire congregation stood and sang "Called to Serve" in Polish. It was truly a spiritual highlight of the meeting. Very powerful! Hardly a dry eye in the crowd.

After the meeting, members and investigators gathered to visit.

Alex and Oxana.

Elder Richards and Brat Herman.

Fillip and Dennis.
Jon Jagard and friends. Many of the investigators and members toured the building and enjoyed the things mentioned in the talks.
Sister Czesak and President escorted Dr. Biernat, Director of the National Archives, to visit the Family History Center and see our various classrooms and what we teach and instruct in our Wolska Chapel. Sister Czesak spoke on the program about the events of the Church leading up to the dedication and President spoke about the Dedicatory Prayer by Elder Nelson, its fulfillment going on today and our bright future as we recognize what this building represents to Poland and to the Church.
In the Family History Center with Sister Briggs who runs everything so well.

The blessing on the food was offered and the Grill (BBQ) started. The line just kept growing.
Rafel just kept running errands and was in heavy demand.

The "Ed Torrance" of Poland. Our very own Brat Jarosz, who does everything.
Anna with her daughter, Laura, and friend.
Asia, Alex and Gosia, getting salads and condiments ready...
Elder Kennedy and his investigator.

The Zielonka family.

The (invaluable) crew in the kitchen- Agnieska, Rafal, Sister Czesak and Sister Jarosz and Dominik.

The food, the games, the company... just a wonderful event and day. The Lord is blessing us.

We are blessed to have this wonderful building to attend and worship. We are blessed to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. This celebration was not only being grateful for the physical building but helping us spiritually build our lives with His gospel.


  1. Thank you for the pictures and captions. I was thankful we could attend this special has helped me to appreciate where we are at this time in our lives. You do such a great job with the photos and captions! Thank you!!!

  2. Wow I can't believe it's been 20 years! Time flies! I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. It's wonderful to hear how things are going from your perspective. I know this is mostly for the current missionaries and their families but as an "old" former missionary I love reading about the country and people that I love. Thanks! DeeAnn Cheatham ( aka Siostra LeVar 1990-92)

  3. I wish I could have been there, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it. Glad to see everyone had a good time though. :)

  4. As always, I'm grateful for the close-up picture of my boy. However, this time, I'm thankful to see a photo of one of his investigators. We always HEAR about the investigators, but it's nice, for once, to put a face with a story. Thank you again, Sister Nielson!


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