Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Zone Training Warsaw & Visitors Tuesday May 7, 2013

 Today in the Wolska Chapel we met with the Warsaw I and Warsaw II Districts to have Zone Training.  This same meeting was yesterday in Bygdgoszcz, today here (in Warsaw)and in Kielce (with Krakow) and in Poznan (with Szczecin).  The great missionaries in this meeting are: Front row: Elders Peacock, Garfield (District Leader Warsaw I), Tingey (new Zone Leader), Raines (Zone Leader) Sisters Masters, Lenhart, Barth and Howells (new Sister Training Leader).  Middle row:  Elders Baranowski, Hayes, Stockford, Finch, Saltmarsh and Boyce.  Back row:  Elders Cieslak, Szymanski, Gibby, Tiner, Zelezniak, Bokinsky and Register.
The discussion was lead by our Warsaw Zone Leaders, Elders Tingey and Raines, but today Sister Howells is also training and leading.  Her new calling as Sister Training Leader provides new ideas and instruction from the Sisters and for everyone.  She was a very welcomed addition.  Sister Allen is doing the same in Kielce (and Krakow) and Sister Bezdjian in Wroclaw.
 Those in attendance listened intently as the training was wonderful and everyone participated.  Elders Zelezniak, Bokinsky, Tiner and Saltmarsh along with  Sisters Lenhart and Masters.
Zone Training ended with our Zone Leaders "role playing" a finding situation with their investigator, Elder Garfield.   It was a great day, and the training was excellent.  It was different than the day before but exactly what these Districts needed to hear.  The beauty of the gospel is the Spirit always teaches the perfect message for everyone who has ears to hear and eyes to see.
Now it's was back home for the rest of the evening...
 The former Elder Stohel is finishing his trip to Poland along with his wife. Tonight they came by to visit and have dinner with us. Above they are printing boarding passes that will (hopefully) help them get in a very short line tomorrow at the airport.  It's another 4:00am trip to the airport for us...
As per tradition...Brother Stohel had his picture taken with his tie at the tie board. It was fun to visit with this young couple who are doing so well. It is so good to see our former missionaries moving on to the next phase of life and doing great.


  1. Happy happy anniversary to one of our very favorite couples ever!! Can't believe how much your boys look like their dad in his younger days! Love you guys.

  2. Happy Anniversary Stan and Judi!! Love the picture! Mont's hair was over the ears when we were married too!! Haha Counting down the days until we get to see you!!


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