Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Specialized Training...Warsaw (part 2!)

Wednesday morning was one of those busy days, but the most important item was being at the Mission Office for our last session of Specialized Training.
The Warsaw II District (which includes the Elders from Lublin) was in today, and everyone was ready to go.  We had planned on starting at 11:00am; but everyone was early, so we began at 10:45am. (A great start already!)  Elder Boyce, Sisters Lenhart and Masters.  Elders Manwill, Cieslak, Finch, Saltmarsh, Stockford, Zelezniak and Tiner.
President does a 'good/Better/BEST' presentation every so often.  Since this will be our last Specialized Training, he has been reviewing this all throughout the mission.  It has changed over the years but applies to every one of us missionaries.
The great Sisters in Warsaw II.  Sisters Lenhart and Masters. Both are hard working and dedicated missionaries.
Our Lublin missionaries, Elders Stockford and Finch.  They were companions in the MTC; and once again find themselves together in Poland.  Both are doing such a great job with the language and being consecrated missionaries.
Our Office Elders:  Elders Manwill and Cieslak.  With all the changes in the office lately, they have been fast learners and are doing a great job!
Elder Saltmarsh (District Leader in Warsaw II) and Elder Boyce.  A great companionship who are serving with all their might.  We love and appreciate this great companionship.
Our Assistants who help us in so many ways.  These are great Elders in every way possible.
After this wonderful meeting,  I needed their help with something that needs to happen about every big run to MAKRO.  All of the former Assistants know what kind of a trip this will be...
It was a beautiful day.  The rain has stopped (for a few hours) and both helpers were ready with their own carts.
(Little did they know that they would need several more before we were finished.)
After a couple of hours, we finished shopping with 6 FULL carts.  We have enough to supply the mission home and some of our conferences with the things that help keep us running... 
I knew these Elders could work, but I didn't know that Elder Zelezniak has a special talent for packing and stacking.  He worked at a well-known soft drink distribution center before his mission and can look at items and figure out how they can be packed together to maximize the best use of space.  He did a great job in getting everything into our record time!  Thank you, Elder Tiner and Elder Zelezniak. They made a great team! This trip brings back a flood of memories with all our assistants who helped in these "fun" stocking-up trips.  
We quickly drove home so the Elders could be out by 6:00pm for "prime time" proselyting. We had one more important thing to do tonight.
We attended institute at our YSA Center in Warsaw II.  Marcin is the instructor, and we were able to sit in during his lesson.  We are grateful for our Young Single Adults and all they do.  We are thankful also for Marcin and his wife who are their instructors.  
After the lesson, Elder and Sister Jensen had a delicious meal prepared that was enjoyed by all in attendance.
A great day in the mission. But, every day in the mission field is a great day!

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