Thursday, May 9, 2013

Zone Training Katowice May 8, 2013

The weather in Poland is beautiful...everywhere! 
Even in Katowice where the sky was as blue and clear as can be. There is building and improvement you can see by the progress they are making on the huge History of Mining museum. There are BIG projects....
 ...and little projects going on all over the city as displayed by this 'bathtub' wheelbarrow above.
 Springtime also means lots of field trips for the kids.....We caught one group making its way (through more city improvements!) to a local museum.
Even our missionaries are in the 'improvement mode'....that is to say, learning to improve their 'finding' strategies to bring more people to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Elder Neuner, a new Zone Leader in Katowice, is in the middle of Zone Leader Training. This meeting takes the place of our weekly District Meetings and enables our Zone Leaders to bring instruction to the Districts in their Zones the week following their Mission Leadership Counsel (former Zone Leader Council meeting).
 Sister Packard and Sister Pearson are listening and applying what is being taught to their investigators.
As are Elder and Sister Reed and the Elders, Rittmanic and Z.Smith.
Sisters Packard and Pearson, Elders Neuner, Rittmanic, Smith with Sister and Elder Reed.  Our missionaries in Katowice (minus Elder Dopp who is in Wroclaw today doing training there).
Late this afternoon we headed to Krakow to meet with the missionaries there.
 We had one item we needed to take care of before meeting with some members tonight as well.  This is our favorite bridge in Krakow.
It is lined with locks.  The locks are engraved with names of couples who are in love and their hearts are "locked" together.
 We have had locks made with all of our married children and their spouses names engraved on them.  All have visited this bridge and attached their locks except our daughter and her husband.  When they visited, we did not have the lock completed.  Well, it is now finished; and we needed to attach their lock on our bridge.
Afterwards... it is tradition that you throw the key out in the Wisla River below. 
 So we have Stan and Judi.  Now Scott and Devin with Darik and Emily.  Where is our other son and his wife?  On the other side...
Willis and Avery. We are grateful for the good marriages our children have. They are living the principles of the gospel; and because of this, it blesses the lives of their marriages and families.

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