Thursday, May 30, 2013

(A Special) Mission Leadership Council...

This morning our Assistants, Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders all traveled into Warsaw.
We held Mission Leadership Council at a very special place to all Polish Saints... Nowy Swiat.  We use Nowy Swiat to teach lessons and hold special meetings.  It once housed missionary couples, Church meetings, the Family History Center and our Young Single Adults.
Elders Wilson, Vernon, Neuner, Dopp, Tingey and Raines with Sisters Howells, Bezdjian and Allen.
President went over goals and heard reports from our leaders and what their plans were this coming month.  President also spent time going over the Dedicatory Prayer offered by President Spencer W. Kimball for the country of Poland and then the Prayer of Supplication and Thanks offered by President Thomas S. Monson.  Then we all walked to the special place where this occured.
 As we walked down Nowy Swiat, the missionaries contacted people along the way.  Here all four elders are about to speak to the crowd they are approaching.
 Sister Howells (on the left) is talking as she walks; and Elder Vernon is running to catch up to the couple he wants to share our message with.
 In front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and as you enter Saski Park, Elder Raines is contacting people and talking about the Book of Mormon.  Our other missionaries are scattered around doing the same thing.  We worked our way back into the park where we wanted to meet and visit.
This is where Presdient Kimball offered the dedicatory prayer.  We sang a hymn and had a wonderful prayer.  It was our last Mission Leadership Council, but one I will always remember.  Elders Zelezniak, Tiner, Tingey, Raines, Vernon, Wilson, Neuner and Dopp.  Sisters Howells, Bezdjian and Allen.  What a great spirit there is here in this park and at this special and sacred spot.  Nothing is better than to be in places like this and with the missionaries of the Lord.

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