Saturday, May 11, 2013

A short visit to Krakow. On the way home, we find a great 'souvenir' shop!

Thursday morning the city of Krakow was busy.  You can tell tourist season is upon us.  We also have an increase in our missionaries in this wonderful city.
 We now have Sisters in Krakow!  This is such a great addition to the work and this Branch.  We met up with our great missionaries in a central spot.  We were able to visit and see what everyone needed.  These visits our so great.  We hear of their success and can also attend to their needs that they don't have to worry about anything but doing missionary work.  Elders Dodge and Walter (new District Leader) and Sisters Allen (new Sister Training Leader) and Young.  These are energetic and hard working missionaries.  We are so excited for them and for Krakow!
While in Krakow, some family members came through Poland on their way home.  President's cousin Russ and his wife, Mary, came to visit the sites of Krakow.  They had just come from Denmark (where our  Great Great Grandfather, Peter, was born).  Russ and Mary had their 11 children and their 11 spouses on a Family History tour.  They met with our dear friends, President and Sister Engbjerg, who showed them around Copenhagen.  This was such a fun time with Russ and Mary.  We spent a few hours together and I got much of President's family genealogy straightened out in my head.  What a great family we are a part of!
Then it was back to Warsaw...
 We have driven through this "sound tunnel" many times on our way to Bialystok but never have seen it from the outside.  Always amazing things to see in Poland. 
Since the Movers are coming Monday to pack up our things, there were some items that President wanted to bring back home....things that he has personally watched and seen for three years and over many kilometers. I'm talking about Road Signs!
We met Mariusz and what a great friend he has become.  He made us any street or road sign we wanted.  His business is making these signs.  So President had a field day.
 He is especially attached to one particular sign.   It means so much to him...emotionally and financially.
 I know this is in Polish, but I think you can figure out what it is...
These warning signs are all over Poland.  Unfortunately, President has had his picture taken more than once as he didn't believed some of the "cameras" worked.
While I was finishing up with Mariusz, President was loading something in the back of the car that I didn't see until we got home.  He had told me he wanted a 'Warsaw' sign.  I thought that would be great...thinking that it was a small license plate size sign.  Little did I know that it was a real highway sign.  Now, where are we going to put this in our home?   I know- right next to his little "Marcin the Missionary" statue....  in the garage.

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  1. You could have some dandy White Elephant gifts when you get home! Congratulations on a job not only well done but one done with excellence and love! We Love You Both! Chris and Gwen


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