Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back to Specialized Training...Warsaw (part one) !

 This morning President held Specialized Training in the Wolska Chapel for the Warsaw I and Lodz Districts.  We met in the Relief Society room and had a wonderful time with our great missionaries.  Don't they look Great!
 Elders Garfield (Warsaw I District Leader) and Peacock.  They are having great success and are dedicated to missionary work.
 Elders Van Bakel (Lodz District Leader) and Wolfley in from Lodz.  These are great Elders...and are probably the companionship that consumes the most food!  However,  Elder Van Bakel (who has lost 55 pounds) is out and running each morning with Elder Wolfley (he has lost the 25 pounds he gained in the MTC).  Another companionship of great missionaries.
 Our wonderful Sisters from Lodz, Sisters Wendel and Holmgren.  They are assisting Lodz in so many ways. It is so good to have Sisters serving in Lodz again.
 Elders Hayes and Baranowski in from Bialystok.  Elder Hayes is carrying many of the duties as the Branch President is out of town for a few weeks. Elder Baranowski is seeing miracles with family members that still live in this great city. 
Our Warsaw Zone Leaders, Elders Raines and Tingey, are such great leaders and missionaries.  They not only teach but show how to do missionary work.  We are impressed with all they are accomplishing.
 Our Elders in North Praga, Elders Gibby and Szymanski. Great Elders that keep finding people everywhere who are interested in our message.  Their smiles tell it all.
 Sisters Howells and Barth in Warsaw I.  Great Sisters who know how to find and teach the gospel.  They are fearless and talk with everyone.  We love our great Sisters.  They are all wonderful.
 President has been waiting for one last final touch to the Wolska Chapel.  Our new lights have been installed! They add so much to the beauty of our great Wolska Chapel. 
The overall appearance of the chapel is perfect.  The new lights add a brightness and clarity that is just what we needed.  We are so pleased with this new addition.
Tomorrow, Specialized Training takes place in the other half of the Warsaw Districts.

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  1. Thank you Siostra Nielson. You have given all of us a great gift by creating this wonderful blog and sharing your experiences and pictures. I'm sure many others have expressed their sorrow to see you leave. But know you will bless others back home. Thanks for taking care of our missionaries. We feel you love and concern always.

    Love, Sister Marlene Barth


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