Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Some great Missionaries receive a 'transfer'...AKA: medical releases.

When a missionary goes home on a medical release, it is no fun.  We just had one of those "when it rains it pours" week.  I thought I'd try to make this unfortunate occasion a little brighter by going into my 'stash' and bringing out some good old-fashioned Teddy's rootbeer.
Obviously, this bottle of Teddy's had been in storage too long. I opened it up to make rootbeer floats for the Elders and got a 'rootbeer bath'. The Missionaries loved the floats and the 'show' that went along with it. It was lightened up the mood.  I had too many things going on in the kitchen to stop and change clothes.
Dinner was a BBQ and was enjoyed by all. Elders Weir, Bokinsky, Cieslak (new in the Mission Office), Zelezniak, Register, Tiner and Manwill (new in the Mission Office).  We Welcome our new Mission Office Elders and appreciate all the hard work they are about to do.
Now for our departing Elders....
Elder Bokinsky will be going home to knee surgery.  He was a great Zone Leader and lead by example.  We brought him into the office several weeks ago hoping the ability to drive around town instead of walk would ease his pain. An MRI proved us wrong.
Elder Weir is another outstanding Elder that will attend to Medical needs.  He was one of our best District Leaders and had a lot going on.  He was just exactly obedient all the time. We hope that both of these Elders return soon when their health allows them to function at 100%...  like they both want to.
Elders Bokinsky and Weir are great hard-working Missionaries who will truly be missed. Those that will remain are Elders Manwill, Register and Cieslak. Elder Register is doing some 'intense' training in the office this week to make sure it will run smoothly when he is gone. (Watch for his "Medical Release" departure next week.)
 The airport was packed when we arrived at 4:45am.  We had time for a last quick photo as we ran from one counter to another.  We finally got every one's boarding pass and now for our biggest challenge...
 Getting through security!  It was a busy day at the airport.   Right in the middle of this picture are our two Elders.  This is still 5:10am and the security line was long.  We had already waited in the check-in line and the line where you pay for extra luggage.   Summer is here.
Finally past security check, they were now headed for their gate.  President found a way to watch our missionaries from above and this side of the security check so we know they are on their way safely home. We wish both these wonderful Elders 'good luck' as they return to the States to get well...and then back out on their missions to finish their service to the Lord.
Now it's back home for other events...
Yesterday was P-day in the mission.  Our Katowice Elders decided to play soccer.  Guess what happened?  Elder Smith didn't fair too well.  With two broken bones in his ankle, it was decided to have this needed surgery back home in the States.  So while Elders Bokinsky and Weir were coming in for their dinner and last night in the Mission Home,  Elder Smith was in the hospital and then packing for his soon-to-be departure.
Elder and Sister Reed were kind enough to drive Elder Smith to the mission home Tuesday morning.  We headed back from the airport after seeing Elders Bokinsky and Weir off to get the Mission Home ready for our next group of incoming 'sick and afflicted'.
This is one worn-out Elder. The events of the last 24 hours had taken its toll on Elder Smith. Even the Book of Mormon couldn't keep him awake!
Of course, we weren't going to let this good Elder leave without him leaving something behind.
We had a nice night...a good dinner, a great testimony meeting and some visiting. The Assistants, Elders Tiner and Zelezniak, joined us. 
 At 4:30am Elder Smith is ready for the airport and all that this day has in store for him. (I am grateful his basketball shorts are black!)  Elder Smith is such a great young man.  We wish him a speedy recovery so he can complete his mission.
 Things are pretty quiet at the airport this morning... just the opposite from yesterday.  We found a wheelchair for him and things became very easy.
No long lines through security this morning.  In fact, with a wheelchair you have a special entrance.
Elder Smith had to walk through the scanner to the right.  He got back in his wheelchair and off he went.  It is now 5:15am and everything is completed.  Perhaps our easiest trip to the airport in three years (we figured this was our 92nd trip to the airport).  You would think we would figure this out by now.
 As we walked back to our car, we passed this nice elderly couple being escorted through the lines.  They, too, were taking the special, easy way through security.   I could tell that President's mind was beginning to think about something...  I don't even want to know...
We have the rest of the day to prepare for our second phase of Specialized Training for Kielce, Krakow, Katowice and Wroclaw that begins tomorrow morning.  Up at 5:00am and on the road by 6:00am.   Mission life is absolutely great!

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