Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Warsaw II District Meeting May 14, 2013

This morning we headed to the Wolska Chapel.  It was a very busy morning with phone calls to Frankfurt, Provo and other parts of the country. Decisions were needed to be made this morning and things were in motion...
 On our way to the Warsaw I District Meeting, we passed this guy.  Now all looks normal right?  Well, pictures can be deceiving.  The refrigerator in the trailer is a little bigger than the size you would find in a hotel room.  So the car, the trailer and the refrigerator are all very small. It made us smile!
We arrived at the Wolska Chapel, and the District was ready to start their weekly meeting.
Sisters Barth and Howells with Elders Tingey (Zone Leader), Boyce (from Warsaw II), Gibby, Szymanski, Peacock, Cieslak and Garfield (District Leader).
Elder Garfield and Elder Peacock are doing such a great job in their area.
Sister Barth and Sister Howells.  We have the best Sisters in the Church here in Poland.
Our lone threesome in the mission.  Serving in North Praga are Elders Gibby, Szymanski and Cieslak...all doing a great job.
On exchanges this week-  Elder Boyce (normally with Elder Saltmarsh in Warsaw II) is with Elder Tingey (Zone Leader who is normally with Elder Raines).  Zone Leaders exchange with District Leaders so Elders Saltmarsh and Raines are attending Warsaw II District Meeting this morning.
Elder Garfield led the lesson and discussion this morning.  Behind him are the goals the district set and are striving for.  This Elder did a great job of teaching and motivating.
The missionaries hear instruction and then role play.  Elders Boyce, Tingey, Cieslak, Gibby and Sisters Barth and Howells.
Elders Boyce and Tingey teach their investigator (Sister Howells) regarding the need for faith and acting upon promptings of the spirit.
Elders Garfield and Peacock are helping their investigator (Elder Szymanski) understand the need to pray and receive an answer regarding our message.
It was a great District Meeting.  Once is was over everyone scattered...they all had lessons and people to meet.  There was one other item of business. 
Elder Cieslak was in a threesome with Elders Szymanski and Gibby.  He is transferring this morning into another threesome...
He will be going into the Mission Office to be trained by Elders Register and Bokinsky.  There will be some changes in the office announced in the coming days.
President Jarosz was at the Wolska Chapel checking on things and making sure we keep operating properly.  We sure appreciate all he (and all the members in Warsaw I) do for our missionaries.  We are a blessed people to have the Gospel and such wonderful members to assist in this great work.

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