Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's happening in the Church around Poland (and close by)...

Our Warsaw Young Women got together for a Young Women New Beginnings program.

These beautiful young women were able to each talk on a Young Women's value and why it is important to them.  (LtoR): Georgia, Grace, Samantha, Hannah, Sara, Karolina and Caitlin.
Sister Jarosz, the Warsaw District Young Women's President, made these beautiful picture frames. Each girl received the 'Value Frame' she had talked about.  It was a delightful evening.
Branch members came out to support these beautiful young women.  These were most of the Sisters who attended...we did not get a picture of the Priesthood. We thank the members for their love and support of the Young Women's Program in Warsaw.

Remember this photo taken of the Primary right after they practiced for their upcoming Primary Presentation...
Well...the day finally arrived. These Primary children did a beautiful job reciting their parts and singing their beautiful songs....It was a Polish/English program with parts and songs given in both languages. A special 'thank you' to the Warsaw II Primary Presidency (back row):  Sister Armstrong (chorister), Annika (Counselor), Beata (President) and Ella (Counselor) for a wonderful program.
Last week was also a great week for the Saints in Poland to attend the Freiberg Temple.  There were over 60 members who went.  Many attended sessions, baptisms and did work for their families.  What a wonderful week it was!  We heard from many who loved their time at the temple. An added bonus...having some quality time to mingle with their Brothers and Sisters from Poland!
Some of the YSA's that attended were Adrian, Konrad, Marta, AND the former Elder Siebert (who came from Germany; it was a special week for him as well), Patrycja, Arsene, Dagmara, Agnieszka, Marta, Arek and Lukasz.  What a great group of Young Members.
It was great to hear from Brother Siebert about returning to the temple, speaking Polish again and being around those that he taught and grew to love in the gospel. I want to say....'Elder, where's your companion?' But wait.....this is OK now!
Our YSAs are great friends and fun-loving. It is always a 'fun-time' when the YSAs get together!  We love these young, strong members of the Church. Thank you for your stalwart examples! The Church is true ... Never forget it!

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