Wednesday, November 14, 2012

E/S Lloyd arrive and everything else...

It is always a great day in the mission field when we receive a new senior couple...and today was  great day!  Here is Sister Lloyd....who was followed by her husband...
...Elder Lloyd. These two great new missionaries are from Midvale Utah and are serving their 2nd mission.
 We are so excited for Elder and Sister Lloyd.  They add to the great group of Senior Couples we already have.  They bring experience and a willingness to serve where the Lord assigns them.  We got back to the Mission Home, visited, had a nice dinner together and then they were off to bed.
The next morning another surprise for us...
 We heard trucks and they needed to tear up our street.  Everything was in full gear.  We weren't sure if they were going to let us get the cars out of the garage before we were closed in.
 They were going ahead and as we have learned- adapt and go to plan B.   By the end of the day we could not get into the Mission Home from our street.  Apparently a new storm drain was needed, and this was the week they needed to do it.
 Elder and Sister Peck came by to give necessary instructions for Elder and Sister Lloyd to start their legal work.   Elder and Sister Lloyd will be assigned to Lodz.  It will be great for the Branch and an exciting opportunity for them.  They got their phones charged, bags loaded up, paperwork ready to process and their GPS which they must have!
 We sent them off to do the work.  Elder and Sister Lloyd will be great in Lodz.  They love the Polish people already and in the coming weeks will love them more than they ever thought possible.
Now for other things going on this morning.
 With Sister Ostler returning home to see Doctors, Sister Peterson transferred down to Warsaw II.  Because of the need, Sister Forsey and Bown, who are serving in Lodz will be transferred Friday to Gdansk.  Sisters Young and Peterson will be the Sisters in Warsaw II and continue to do great things.   Sister Masters will join Sisters Forsey and Bown in Gdansk in that wonderful companionship.  Gdansk is one Branch that flourishes with Sister Missionaries and this will surely be the case.  What a great new start for all of these tremendous Sisters.
Before sending Sister Masters off from Warsaw and because we have never had three Sisters serving in Gdansk at the same time, some bedding was needed.  Sister Masters stopped by the Mission Home (going around the construction) to load up on supplies that we always have on hand.  She and Elders Basha and Hayes are driving to Lodz for one day, then heading to Gdansk with Sisters Forsey and Bown.  Elder Jensen is ill (on the mend after going through Murphey therapy...) and will stay in Warsaw with Elder Pofelski to manage the office and attend to whatever is needed.  A busy few days.
I now need to run and get everything ready because I have a very special someone coming to visit...
One of my Grandaughters is coming to visit me for a few days.  She was coming about a month ago but I had that SCA thing that put me in the hospital for two weeks.  I am so glad Chloe and her parents were able to reschedule and come see us.  I cannot wait to see her!

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  1. Murphey Therapy....I am glad I left a mark on the mission home. But the sauna does make being sick a lot better!


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