Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Warsaw II District Meeting

Members of the Warsaw II District: Sisters Young and Peterson with Elders Fletcher, Wilson, Kotter, Rittmanic, Hayes and Pofelski.  The Lesson was on "The Role of the Holy Ghost" from our Teaching More Effectively course.
Elder Fletcher, the District Leader, gave an outstanding lesson.  He is one of our great missionaries. He has learned how to teach and be a tool for the Lord in preaching the gospel.
The Elders (Rittmanic and Wilson) from Lublin traveled in today and they will be going on an exchange following the meeting.
Elders Fletcher and Kotter are having great success.  Elder Fletcher will travel with Elder Rittmanic back to Lublin, while Elder Kotter will remain in Warsaw with Elder Wilson.
Our Elders in Lublin (Rittmanic and Wilson) are outstanding.  They missed achieving the Standard of Excellence by 1 person not being baptized.  Everything else on our Standard they reached or surpassed.  This is wonderful.  They work hard and are committed to being the BEST missionaries they can be.
Our Office Elders are in this District as well and brought with them some much needed paperwork that the Sisters need for their Residence Cards.  We appreciate all these great Elders do to help the mission run smoothly.
Sisters Young and Peterson are going through 'the final step' so they can be "legal" and have everything in order.  They both are feeling better and have some great investigators.  These Sisters add so much to the Warsaw II Branch.
After District Meeting, President had a meeting with Brother Turek who is our Poland Seminary and Institute Coordinator.  We are so grateful for his energy and help with heading our Seminary and Institute programs.  His training and supervision have been wonderful.  Some great things are planned in the near future for our youth in regards to learning the gospel.
Our Assistants missed the District Meeting as they were busy picking up Elder Waits and helping us with the rest of the day... 

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  1. Thank you so much for always posting pictures & telling us the details! My son looks sooooo happy :)

    You're the best!
    Amanda Kotter


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