Sunday, November 4, 2012

Open House at the Wolska Chapel....November 1, 2012

November 1st is All Saints Day in Poland.....a very big holiday where the Polish people visit the graves of their loved ones to honor them.  Since the Wolska Chapel is located between 2 very large cemetaries, it is only natural that we put on an Open House welcoming people to come and learn about us.
One (nice) thing we offer is free parking at the chapel.....This act of kindness draws many people to our Open House.
Kamil, one of our great YSA's helped all day....putting up signs, giving tours to visitors.  We love our YSA's ...they are so supportive and are great examples of how the gospel changes lives.
Some of our Missionaries serving in the Warsaw I Branch:   Sister Packard, Elders Dopp, Cieslak and Jensen.  Another service we offer is free herbal tea  and cookies....a great treat on a cold day!
The inside of the church is all ready for tours.  We have displays of Books of Mormons in many different languages.....
....a display set up explaining and showing how the church helps people do Family History work to find their ancestors....
...and groupings of pictures showing the life of Christ and modern-day  apostles and prophets.
Sister Sheahan and Kinga (another great YSA) in the middle of taking people on a tour showing how and what our church is all about.
Elder Hooker, our resident artist!, drew this 'Plan of Happiness' showing Heavenly Father's plan for all His children to return to Him someday.  There was lots of instruction taking place at this white board  on this day.
Elder Fletcher, next to the baptismal font, talking about the importance of baptism with the proper authority...and  the need to be baptized in the manner the Savior was baptized.
Towards the end of the tour was juice, cookies AND literature and copies of the Book of Mormon to give out to those that were interested.  It was a very successful day with more than 200 people going through the chapel and talking with our members and missionaries.  Some of our missionaries commented that today they talked to  more families than they had on their entire missions.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is being spread throughout the land.  People are interested and want to know  what makes us such a happy people.  Why are we so happy? We know God's plan for us......and we want to share it! 

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