Friday, November 23, 2012

Catching up on our recent baptisms around the country!

Still trying to catch up from 'my vacation' in the hospital last month, my blogging is a little behind. I realized we have had 3 wonderful people baptized into the church that we have not introduced to you.  Here they are:
This is Marcin who was recently baptized in Kielce. What a terrific new member!  He was taught by Elders Waits and Neuner.
Down in Katowice, Agata was baptized by Adrian. She is a great addition to this great Branch. Agata was taught by Sisters Ence and Holmgren. And finally....
...a wonderfully talented new member, Rafal, was baptized by Rysiek.  This gifted musician was taught by Elders Smith and Zelezniak.
Welcome, welcome, welcome to Marcin, Agata and Rafal. We love you and look forward to building the kingdom with you here in beautiful Poland!

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