Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Elder Waits returns home. Just the usual trip to the airport...we thought!

We had the good fortune of having Elder Waits extend his mission for one month.  He served in Kielce and saw a great deal of success.  He left behind a great legacy of faithful and diligent service and...
 a piece of him that we will always remember.  I am not sure I have seen a "slimmer" tie than this one
and I made sure I teased him about it.
 Joining us for Elder Waits' last night (since his MTC group returned home the month before) were the Office Elders (Elders Hayes and Pofelski) and our Assistants (Elders Jensen and Basha).
 This was another 4 a.m. run to the airport (our 5th trip to the airport in 11 days).  Unlike yesterday when the Bennett's departed, today it was empty.  We sailed through check-in to get Elder Waits' boarding passes. There was no line at the counter where we pay for his second piece of luggage. (The Church pays for the 2nd piece of luggage...the missionary pays if it is overweight. Please note this, future missionaries).  Then he went through security. We always wait for our missionaries to pass through and turn and wave good-bye so we know everything is good and they are off. This morning everything was going SO smoothly.  We thought this missionary would get to his gate in record time. But we waited and waited for him to turn around and wave.  Fifteen minutes went by and the security guards were still talking with him. We thought he was probably sharing the gospel. Finally, he came running back through security to give us something...
Apparently he didn't know you couldn't take knives on airplanes...  Perhaps President needs to have a workshop on this in our next Zone Conference.  These weren't just pocket knives, these were your basic survivor-warfare knives.  It's a tender mercy Elder Waits was not whisked away into some room for some serious questioning.  Oh, the Church is true; and these missionaries are absolutely the BEST.  We love them. They do make us smile, laugh, cry, worry, and scream-- for joy!  We love you Elder Waits.

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  1. Yikes…..maybe being 2 years away from the US the missionaries just don't think about knives on airplanes :)! Made me smile…what a tender mercy!


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