Monday, November 12, 2012

Around the Mission for November 10-12, 2012.

Our weekend started out a little foggy and rainy.  The Chopin Warsaw Airport is OUR first memory of Poland. We visit here about twice monthly.   Now, they are remodeling and adding on, but today it looked  like how we will always remember our beloved airport.
Why the Airport visits? Elder and Sister Tarasevich have completed their 24 months as missionaries in Poland.  Serving in Bydgoszcz, Warsaw and recently in Lodz, they strengthened the Church, members and missionaries so very well.
Elder Tarasevich, whose ancestors come from the northeastern part of Poland, will leave of reminder of him with us.  One of his favorite ties.  And Sister Tarasevich...
Well, she is as big of a Polish Pottery fan as I am.  She is leaving this small tablecloth in the original pottery pattern 'eye of the peacock' design. I didn't have the 'heart' to cut it....but I see this fabric being an important part of  the 'tie quilt'. 
Sister Ostler, who is departing for medical reasons, leaves a part of one of her favorite sweaters.  She will visit with Doctors and will hopefully return soon.  She has had stomach problems for a couple of months and the hospital, doctors and tests were not solving the problems.  We are so grateful for all she did and pray for a speedy recovery and return.
We had an enjoyable evening. Sister Peterson, Sister Ostlers companion, joined us. She will serve with the Warsaw II Sisters in their companionship.
An added Bonus! But the night wasn't over...we also got to go to a very special event!
Many sisters from the Warsaw I and II Branches got together to have a baby shower for Ania whose baby boy will be born in December.  We love it when the Primary grows!
Saturday morning:  The airport was not too busy, but the running back and forth to pay for extra luggage always leaves us in a time crunch.  We will miss Elder and Sister Tarasevich and know they will bless the Church everywhere they serve. We love you...Thank you for everything!
We are looking forward to hearing from Sister Ostler and her better health.  She was (is) a great missionary!
Saturday Afternoon:  A big day for Lodz! Rafal was baptized by Rysiek.  Elder Zelezniak and Smith taught him the gospel.  This was a great baptism.  The branch was out in full support and the service was well planned.  Rysiek has brought the missionary spirit he had in England back to his branch in Lodz.  He serves as the Branch Mission Leader.
Afterwards Elders Smith, Zelezniak, Godwin and Jespersen joined Rysiek as the branch held a social and celebrated this wonderful occasion.
Some of the branch members visiting.  In all, about 29 were in attendance.
Some of the Priesthood helped with the baptismal font and clean up afterwards.  Our Warsaw District President,  President Dresler (second from left) was in attendance and attended to some branch business the following day.  Since Elder Tarasevich departed he was released as Branch President.  President Poludnikiewicz (far right) was sustained as the new Branch President in Lodz on Sunday.  Krzysztof (on left) and Moussa (second from Right) helped with the arrangements and setting up our portable font.
We welcome Rafal into the Church. Andrzej joined Elders Smith and Zelezniak in making him feel a part of the Branch.  As you remember, Andrzej was baptized four weeks ago and is a wonderful addition to the branch.

Sunday: President attended Sacrament Meeting in Bialystok and isn't quite the camera man.  He does others things so well that I will forgive him :)
                                                    But he did have a great visit with the members and the missionaries there. Elders Rogers and Lanham are great missionaries in Bialystok, the city that seems to always be colder than everywhere else. 

Sunday evening, President was back in Warsaw.  He met with Grace and Cody, the Branch President, they came in from Lublin for Grace to receive her temple recommend as she is getting married to a wonderful man in the Taiwan TaipeiTemple on December 25th.
Grace was introduced to the Gospel by Cody. They were (and still are) both medical students studying in Lublin. As Grace returned to Taiwan in June of 2010, she told her family about her decision to join the Church. At the same time, her family had started taking the lessons from the missionaries in Taiwan. They were all baptized together. There are no coincidences.

Added Bonus! This past week we also learned that a group of our YSA's in Warsaw have their picture in the current issue of the Ensign and Liahona magazines. 

 This picture also appeared in our post of the Warsaw District Conference (October 2012). The YSA's are doing so well and making such great progress with important decisions and actions in their lives. We love all of them and are so very proud with all they are accomplishing.

Well, that's it for the weekend!  Now it's time to get ready for another busy week....a new Senior couple AND...a special visitor!  Yes, Grandma is VERY excited!

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