Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving in Warsaw, Poland 2012

It was a wonderful day in Poland.  Thursday November 22, 2012.
We gathered in the Wolska Chapel with most of the missionaries in Warsaw for a special Thanksgiving dinner.  Elders Basha , Jensen, Cieslak, Manwill, Hayes, Baranowski, Sisters Packard and Sheahan, Elders Saltmarsh, Pofelski, Fletcher, Hooker, Dopp, Kotter, Godfrey, Elder and Sister Jensen, Elder and Sister Peck. With this many Missionaries around, we had lots of help to get things ready.
Elders Baranowski and Manwill were some of the first to arrive and they jumped right in arranging some of the desserts.
Also helping with the settings and make sure everything was ready were Godfrey, Elders Baranowski, Dopp, Hayes, Cieslak, Pofelski, Manwill , Hooker and Saltmarsh. Sisters Sheahan and Packard were in charge of the table decorations and did a beautiful job....and the Elders pitched in.
Elders Hooker and Saltmarsh made the honey butter and helped Sisters Jensen and Peck with things in the kitchen.
Making sure we had plenty of juice and water were Elders Peck and Jensen.
A big THANK YOU to Sisters Peck and Jensen! We had everything...including enough homemade rolls to feed our 'big-eaters'.
It was a delicious dinner, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Being the gentlemen that they are, the Elders were the last to go through the buffet line.
This enabled them to fill their plates to the brim and not feel guilty!  (L to R) Elders Manwill, Saltmarsh, Pofelski, Cieslak, Jensen, Hooker, Baranowski, Dopp and Elder Fletcher leading the way.
Once everyone was seated and eating, it got very quiet.  This is a hungry crowd!  Elders Pofelski, Fletcher, Hooker, Dopp, Kotter (who came late with the Assistants), and Godfrey.
Great food, great company.....a formula for a great experience.  After everyone had their fill, some of our Elders who had had 2nds and 3rds decided to work it off!  (L to R) Elders Cieslak, Manwill, Hayes, Baranowski, Sisters Packard and Sheahan, Elder Saltmarsh.
Another American tradition....playing football on Thanksgiving Day....and that's what they did.....In front of the Wolska Chapel is a large grassy area large enough to spread out and really throw a football around. We need to keep our Missionaries 'injury-free' so they can continue to find, teach and baptize those who are ready to follow their Savior.  (L to R)  Elders Saltmarsh, Manwill, Pofelski, Basha, Fletcher and Hooker.
It was a little chilly but the weather was wonderful.  It was also some great exercise....(Elders Fletcher and Saltmarsh)
....and everyone was having a great time.  Elders Manwill, Saltmarsh, Fletcher and Hooker.
Sister Packard can handle a well as teach people the gospel!  We were all impressed with her passing skills.  She must have brothers in her family.
Elder Hooker going long for a pass from Elder Basha.
After connecting on the final "touchdown pass" from Elder Fletcher to Elder Basha, they "spiked" the ball and "warmed" their hands because it was so "hot".  I guess this is what they are doing...silly football rituals...
While some were playing football, others were just relaxing and letting their food digest. It was a wonderful day...a  day of thanksgiving.  I am thankful for all the blessings I have in my life. There are too many to count...but one I will always remember is the blessing of serving a mission with great Missionaries amongst great members in a great country.    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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